Doom in Prevelberg – 2: the curse of Athamion

[Second session with To the Temple of Doom! The game mechanics are simple: in order to successfully explore a room, the PCs must collectively score three successes; if they score three failures before finishing the room, the game is lost. It is possible to choose to take a wound to transform a failure into a success. I am using the GameMaster’s Apprentice cards (GMA) as an idea generator.]
Room 1
Secret for Room 1: (6) What is the most terrifying aspect about me?
Those who breath my stench must blindly obey me forever. They are completely demented, with no will of their own.
Cora, Milena and Isaak are in front of the abandoned radio station in Prevelberg. The door of the building is closed. Isaak tries to pick the lock, being a Rulebreaker, this gives him an additional die; yet he fails. S:0 F:1. Milena shoots at the lock and they enter the building.
They are in a large room, some kind of store-room in which there are several very large crates. The air has a purple quality: they are happy to be wearing gas-masks. While they explore the room, one of the crates opens and a frantic man jumps out and attacks Isaak. He tries to dodge the attack, but fails: he takes a wound, managing to put the opposer off-balance (S:1 F:1). Milena shoots the madman and misses: Milena and Isaak fight the attacker hand-to-hand. They finally kill him, but Milena is wounded as well (S:2 F:1).
They examine a large bas-relief representing a skull on the Northern wall. The disturbing sculpture is accompanied by a glagolitic inscription. Milena manages to decipher it, using her Genius trait and her specialization in Secret Symbols (S:3 F:1): it’s an invocation to Athamion, a proto-Slavic deity. It ends with the sentence “Breath my breath and live forever”.

Room 2
[I roll with a 50% chance of using one of the secrets I wrote in the previous section. This time, I have to create a new secret about the Ancient Evil]
(8) What kept me sealed away all these years? [Game Master Apprentice Cards: replace feral temple – the ancient animal cults being replaced by Christianity] With the advent of Christianity, my adepts were persecuted as witches or demoniacs. [GMA: shining chrome – I replace chrome with bronze, which was known in antiquity] A warlock imprisoned me in a bronze cage: I cannot break that metal. I was forgotten for centuries in the dungeon of a ruined castle.
[I also wanted to get an idea of what Athamion looks like. How human is he [1-100]? I rolled 53%. GMA: A familiar face (monkey). – Hunting weapon (falcon): something like a vaguely humanoid giant winged monkey]
The room contains tens of abominable sculptures made of different materials. In the center there are a large statue on a pedestal, a shelf full of ancient books and a couple of desks. Cora insists that she wants to seat and rest a little, reading one of the books: she is being Senile and using her Booksmart skill, yet she cannot understand what she is reading (S:0 F:1). Milena tries with another book and fails as well (S:0 F:2) [double 1 rolled – she resists possession]: something that she only half understands in what she has read seems to stick in her head like the haunting voice of Athamion.

While they are examining the items in the room, an iron statue attacks Cora: it’s an ancient automaton! Cora instinctively hits the automaton with her bronze amulet and the automaton crumbles to pieces (she has used her artifact to turn a rolled 5 into a success – S:1 F:2). She tries to understand what happened, using her special competence in metals: (S:2 F:2). Now something of what she read in the books makes sense: Athamion is somehow vulnerable to bronze. They all take some of the ancient bronze weapons that make part of the collection in the room. Isaak uses his Architecture competence to search a secret door and finds it in the South wall (S:3 F:2).

Situation after the first two rooms:
Cora is unharmed, but she has used her artifact.
Milena is wounded and has resisted possession.
Isaak is wounded.
Next session: third room and final confrontation with the Ancient Evil!

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