Firefight in the House of Tomorrow

I has a second solo game of Double Tap by One Page Rules (OPR).
I played in “isometric mode” on the beautiful 1930 project of a villa by Norman Bel Geddes (the House of Tomorrow).

The villa is occupied by the Blues (40 pts):
2 Criminals Q5+ Knife + Leader (6 pts each). They must be captured alive and cannot be shot at.
2 Q3+ Body Guards with SMG (8 pts each)
2 Q3+ Body Guards with Pistols (6 pts each)

The attacking Red SWAT team (50 pts):
1 Q3+ Leader with Pistol (16 pts)
3 Q3+ Soldiers with SMG +Marksman (12 pts each)

I rolled random locations for the occupants of the Villa.
I defined 6 entry points for the attackers and I rolled one (the service back-door).

I used red and black cards to decide activation, building a deck with 5 red cards (4 + 1 leader) and 8 black cards (6 + 2 leaders).


Round 1: The Reds have a number of consecutive activations that are used by a single soldier who runs up the stairs.

The two criminals are out of combat.

The Blue SMG unit at the second floor tries to stop him, but misses. With two more activations, the Red puts out of combat both Criminals. More shots are exchanged with the SMG Body Guard.

Round 2: two of the attackers down.

Round 2: Finally the Red on the second floor succumbs to the SMG Body Guard. The Blue moves downstairs and reaches the kitchen, hoping to fight the attackers while they are still in the porch, with no cover. But an SMG Red kills him and moves in.
The Blue SMG bodyguard on ground floor has taken cover and shot down the new attacker.


Round 3: the last two attackers move in, but the spaces are narrow and give a good advantage to the defenders. Both Reds are killed, with no further losses for the Blues.


It was a very interesting game. I played the scenario a few times, with different initial random positions and entry points. I find it interesting and a good way to learn the rules.

I am thinking of reverting to a more rigid activation scheme, where each card corresponds to specific units. The only activations that will be freely allocated are those due to the presence of leaders. This is to avoid the unrealistic effect of the Red soldier initially acting relatively undisturbed: I think he must have used all the red activations in turn one.

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