Eve of Tschai 9 – The Lizard Temple of Orugis

Prior Events: [1] The two scouts Eve Reith and Titania Waunder are sent in a small ship to investigate the surface of an unknown planet. Their mother ship is destroyed by a mysterious missile. When the scouts crash-land on the island of Vord, Eve breaks a leg. In the following weeks, she is cured by a Pnumekin (a human servant of the Pnume aliens), R2714, who also teaches her the basics of the language of planet Tschai. The underground Pnume settlement is attacked by the Dirdir, a different alien race. Eve escapes and reaches the surface, but she is wounded. [2-4] She is taken prisoner by a man, Zutiz; they sail Northward on an artificial canal. [5] They stop at a shrine, where a priestess of the blue moon Braz bids Zutiz to take Eve to the temple of Az (the pink moon) in Osomena, on the Northern shore of Vord. [6] In Osomena, Eve fails the trial of Az and is ordered to leave before the next day. In a tavern, she meets a girl, Caj, who tells her that her scouting starship was embarked on a ship directed to Dima, in Southern Charchan, also stopping in Bamarsa in Eastern Kachan. [7] Caj has her own ship, the Qumberina. She offers to sail with Eve and Zutiz to Bamarsa, in order to collect some Viz, a material that can be sold well in Charchan. From Bamarsa they will sail to Dima. They embark a fourth member of the crew: Kodr. [8] While sailing East, the Qumberina is stopped by an air-raft manned by Wannekmen from the city of Azez: they ask the payment of a toll to cross the Vord strait. One of the Wannekmen hides Dirdir drugs onboard. Eve and the others are taken to Azez and questioned. Zutiz tries to resist and is wounded. Eve manages to convince her Wannek interlocutor that they have been framed. They are allowed to leave.


[Encounter rolled on the Adventures on Tschai (The Space Gamer, 1981) module]
[Game Master Apprentice cards:  steal religious object]

The Qumberina is reached by a Wannek swimming below the surface of the sea with water-jets. He delivers a message sealed in a metal cylinder. The Wannek ask Eve to steal the sacred black cup from the temple of the six-legged lizard, in the ruined city of Orugis. They will have to take the cup to Bamarsa, where the Wannek will contact them again.

Eve’s goal: to steal the black cup.

Will Caj come with Eve to the temple? YES AND the mistrust due to the episode in Azez seems to be forgotten. Zutiz is still wounded and Kodr will stay with him, mounting guard to the ship, while the two girls visit the temple.

The Temple of the Six-Legged Lizard

The temple of the six-legged lizard is a large pyramid at the center of the ruins. It is apparently deserted. Eve and Caj enter from the portal on the left. They cross a first empty vault. In the second room, they find a door marked with what seems to be magical inscription. They pass through the door. Is everything quiet? YES AND they see in the next room a stair leading to the upper floor.
They must pass next to an ancient machine. Is it out of order? NO BUT it doesn’t seem to be dangerous. It just start humming as they climb the stairs.
They have reached the room in which the sacred black cup is kept! Can they steal the cup? NO BUT…they can leave unarmed. Eve and Caj find themselves surrounded by several cultists armed with spears and wearing lizard masks. The cultists tell them that they know of their sacrilegious intentions. They will be escorted to their ship and they cannot come back to Orugis ever again in the future.

The Sacred Black Cup is well guarded….

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