Vancian Blackmarsh

I am planning to use a pre-made fantasy module for my Eve of Tschai solo campaign based on Jack Vance’s Planet of Adventure.
The candidate is Blackmarsh by Robert S. Conley.
I found this work mentioned on a 2013 blog post on with the following description: “I’m not sure how many freely available campaign settings there are in the OSR, but this is professionally done and has the makings of one heck of a hexcrawl if the DM so desired.”
I have read the booklet and I found it well written. It has a small hex map with eighty locations and adventure seeds described in the text. There is no plot: it really is a setting detailing the history and geography of a small region. This is a fantasy setting and I will have to adapt it to Vancian SF, but I don’t expect this to be too difficult. I am thinking of the following conversions (but I will improvise as I go):

  • evil wizards fond of crazy dungeons: Pnume and Pnumekin
  • orcs: Dirdir (man-eating humanoids)
  • elves: Wannek and Wannekmen (I know this is far-fetched, but it should be fun)

All magic will be translated to some kind of alien technology.

In preparation of the game, I have redrawn the map adapting the names to Vance’s style. Blackmarsh is now Bamarsa. It is situated on the East coast of the Kachan sub-continent. Eve is sailing to Bamarsa from Vord and the journey will require her a few more weeks / game sessions. So I still have time to think if there is anything else I can do to get ready for her arrival in the area.

I don’t think I have ever used an adventure module for my solo games before. I am curious to see how it goes….


Eve is currently in Azez, on the Vord strait. She still has to travel about 2000 kilometers before she arrives at Bamarsa (as I have renamed Blackmarsh).


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