Eve of Tschai 6 – The city of Osomena

Prior Events: [1] The two scouts Eve Reith and Titania Waunder are sent in a small ship to investigate the surface of an unknown planet. Their mother ship is destroyed by a mysterious missile. When the small ship crash-lands on the island of Vord, Eve breaks a leg in the impact. In the following weeks, she is cured by a Pnumekin (a human servant of the Pnume aliens), R2714, who also teaches Eve the basics of the language, geography and history of planet Tschai. The underground Pnume settlement is attacked by the Dirdir, a different alien race. Eve manages to escape and reach the surface, but she is wounded. [2] While hiding among the rocks, Eve meets a man, Uarzuan, who cures her wound and leads her to an abandoned Pnume tunnel. [3] A Dirdir follows them into the tunnel and kills Uarzuan. [4] Eve kills the Dirdir, but she is taken prisoner by a fellow of Uarzuan, Zutiz, that leads her to a boat. They sail Northward on an artificial canal. [5] Zutiz stops the boat near a shrine, where a priestess of the blue moon Braz declares Eve free and bids Zutiz to take Eve to the temple of Az (the pink moon) in Osomena.

[the following events happened in four brief sessions, named 6A, B, C and D below]

Eve and Zutiz continue they journey towards the sea on the canal. Now that Eve has been declared a free woman, Zutiz seems to be willing to talk with her.

Eve’s goal: acquiring information about what happened to Titania, the other scout from Earth.

Round 1: Does Zutiz have first hand information about Titania: YES.

Round 2: Is he willing to share what he knows with Eve? YES BUT he seems to be too dumb do express coherent concepts.

Round 3: Can Eve make sense of what Zutiz says? [roll twice and pick the highest score, since Eve passed the first two checks, yet it’s a] NO
Game Master Apprentice cards: move impressive magic
Tatiana and the space boat have been remove by magical means: the work of an evil sorcerer.

In a couple of days, they reach the sea. Does the journey continue by boat? NO – they take a robot train that transport minerals from the canal to a factory near Osomena. According to Zutiz, the train is also operated by magic, but Eve’s opinions are different.


Eve’s goal: to visit the temple of Az.
They travel by train for a whole day. They jump off the train before arriving at the factory. Zutiz says that the gods kill whoever goes too near to the factory.

Round 1: They walk to the gates of Osomena.
An armed guard asks Zutiz “who is this stranger?” Does Zutiz reply in a satisfactory way? YES AND he says they must immediately go to the temple of AZ. The guards lets them in.

Round 2: While they are passing in from of a blacksmithy, the blacksmith says “Hey, look, Zutiz the idiot is back!” Does Zutiz control himself? YES
Round 3: Next they pass in front of an inn (the Salted Sail). Zutiz says “Ozash has a strange sense of humor, but he is a good guy. I’ll have a drink with him”. Can Eve convince Zutiz to first go to the temple? YES
They reach the temple of Az, at the center of Osomena.

A priest in a pink robe meets them at the entrance of the temple. Zutiz says that Eve must be put to trial.

Eve’s goal: to pass the trial of Az and befriend the cultists.

Round 1: Is Zutiz welcome to enter the temple? NO – he will have to wait outside, while Eve enters.
Round 2: Inside the temple, the main priest is examining a pink sphere. Does he receive a positive omen about Eve? NO BUT even if he is pessimistic about it, she will be put to trial and Az will give her response.

Round 3: Game Master’s Apprentice Cards: rearrange helpful game
Eve must play a king of boardgame with the main priest, who explains her the rule. The game of Az and Braz is based on pink and blue circles and crescents. Does Eve win the game? [disadvantage, since she has lost both the first two challenges]
NO – the response is that Eve belongs neither to Braz nor to Az. She is moonless and cannot stay in Osomena. If she will be found in the city the next day, she will be executed.

Eve playing the game of Az and Braz, while Zutiz waits outside the temple.

Eve’s goal: to find information about Tatiana and the space-boat on which she crash-landed

Round 1: Eve asks Zutiz to come with her to the Salted Sail tavern and to introduce her to other people. Does Zutiz accept? YES AND he knows a number of people there.

Round 2: A girl named Caj has a story to tell (Game Master’s Apprentice Cards: screeching tires) “A huge truck as come into town a couple of months ago, transporting a strange air-boat. It was embarked on a ship directed to the Parapan.”
Does the information seem reliable? YES – she correctly describe the space boat. She added a number of details, including the number of the ship: the Dima.

Round 3: Do others confirm Caj’s story?
YES AND An older name adds that Dima is the name of the city in South Charchan, East of Kabasas. He had heard the the ship was directed there, first stopping in Bamarsa in Eastern Kachan. The Dima is a fast motor-ship and by now it could have already have reached the Parapan.

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