Eve of Tschai 3 – Uarzuan dies

Prior Events: [1] The two scouts Eve Reith and Titania Waunder are sent in a small ship to investigate the surface of an unknown planet. Their mother ship is destroyed by a mysterious missile. When the small ship crash-lands on the island of Vord, Eve breaks a leg in the impact. When she recovers her senses, Eve finds herself in a small underground room with artificial lights. In the following weeks, she is cured by a Pnumekin (a human servant of the Pnume aliens), R2714, who also teaches Eve the basics of the language, geography and history of Tschai. The underground settlement is attacked by the Dirdir, a different alien race. Eve manages to escape and reach the surface, but she has to fight against a Pnume guardian and is wounded. [2] While hiding among the rocks, Eve meets a man, Uarzuan, who cures her wound and leads her to an abandoned Pnume tunnel. They have a second fight with the Dirdir, and Uarzuan is wounded too.

[This has been a very simple session, with only 3 characters and FU dice]

Eve’s goal: save Uarzuan

The Dirdir’s goal: capture Eve


Round 1: Eve and Uarzuan hear a Dirdir enter the tunnel where they are hiding. They move deeper to the next room. Does the Dirdir stop at the entrance of the tunnel?

“No but”…they move to another room at the North.

Round 2: Eve and Uarzuan are now in a room with two pillars and an ancient altar. Uarzuan now seems to be delirious: “This place is cursed, I don’t want to die here!”

Can Eve convince him to be quiet and still?


[Eve has failed two challenges: in the final one, the worst of two results will apply]

Round 3: Uarzuan moves to the next room, which communicates with that in which the Dirdir is. Can Eve stop the Dirdir before he kills Uarzuan?

“No” – Dirdir sees Uarzuan and shoots him with his laser gun.


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