A Grail Epoch solo

Today I played a simple solo story telling game, largely based on A Grail Epoch by Rafael Chandler. I used the medieval paper minis I recently created. I had to somehow modify Rafael’s game in order to make it more solo-friendly: here you can find the rules I used (which I provisionally named “A Solo Grail”).

I intended to play something more or less Arthurian, so I decided that my setting will be defined by these elements:
The Grail

I semi-randomly chose this destiny:
“When a youth is knighted, the Protagonist will kill someone”.


Ivana, Kaspar and Porfirius

I chose six miniatures and I rolled to randomly select three of them.

Ivana is the Beloved daughter of the Protagonist, Sir Kaspar.
Porfirius, the Antagonist, is an apprentice wizard who is in love with Ivana.

I added to the map the two initial Locations: Kaspar’s castle and the Library where Porfirius brings on his study of magic.


Round 1:
Sir Leo, who is going to be knighted in a few days, asks Sir Kaspar the hand of his daughter. Does Sir Kaspar accept? I drew a Norwegian Style Resolution Card and got: “No and someone is lost”…. Ivana is the obvious choice.
Ivana flees with Leo: they stop near the Green Chapel in the forest.

At the library, Porfirius asks his master Manlius to teach him a spell with which he can make Ivana fall in love with him. Does Porfirius succeed in his attempt? “Yes but success has unintended consequences”.

Round 2:
Kaspar leaves in search of his daughter. He visits the palace where Leo lives with his sister Helena. But Helena know nothing of the whereabouts of her brother.
I drew a Norwegian Style Fate Card for Ivana: the Grail comes to Ivana’s help. Zacynt, a wandering knight of the Round Table, finds Leo and Ivana at the Green Chapel. He listen to their sad story and promises to take them to the king, whose encampment is not far: the king will marry them and Kaspar will have to accept his decision.
Porfirius, having learned his love charm, moves to the Village of Tryburg, directed at Ivana’s castle.


Round 3: Kaspar moves to Tryburg, as well as Ivana, Leo and Zacynt. Porfirius charms Ivana and the girls runs to him: unintended consequences of this are that Porfirius has to face Leo anger. Does Porfirius survive the attack: “Perhaps, but help is needed….” Porfirius intends to take Ivana to the Library, searching Manlius’ help, but the couple is intercepted by Kaspar.


Round 4: The whole group (Kaspar and his prisoner Porfirius, Ivana -who is in love with Porfirius- the puzzled Leo and Sir Zacynt) move the King’s encampment, South of Tryburg. Porfirius is put to trial for sorcery and sentenced to death. Kaspar is granted the privilege to personally execute the sentence. The charm is broken, but now Ivana does not feel like marrying Leo anymore: she will join the King’s court and be one of the damsels of the Queen. Leo is knighted by the King.


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