SGAM2016 -4- Weirdgate88: a smooth cryptographic mission

1988: hypergates appear in different places of the Earth. The 10 gates lead to what apparently is a different version of our planet. From the hyperplanet, invading armies attack our world. The governments of the Earth send SWAT squads through the gates: their task is to explore the hostile planet on the other side and hopefully find a way to shut the hypergates and stop the invasion.
The operation of the Earth squads is limited also because of the activity of the Art: an occult organization of people from the Earth that support the Gateling invaders. Similarly, the Earthlings have found some support among the Gatelings: there are creatures from the hyperworld that are willing to cooperate to the goal of closing the gates. The squad lead by Sgt. Ephraim and including the two soldiers Pierre and Calaf makes part of the force in charge of closing Hypergate 6. The headquarters of the Gateling forces that opened the gate have been localized. Ephraim and Pierre have been put out of combat during the last mission, but Calaf is ready to make is part in the final attack against the Head Quarters.

Five Parsecs from Home mission: escort

Calaf and the Green Robot (that have just been repaired) joint a squad of Q:4+ veterans with the task of escorting a cryptographer to examine a server facility that has just been secured. This mission is vital to grant the success of the simultaneous attack to the Hypergate 6 Head Quarters.


The squad enters from the West. Unexpectedly, they meet no opposition and they easily take the cryptographer to the yellow building at the East of the area.


[I did not roll any opposition. I decided to roll for some final irrelevant fight and only got 50 pts: two Q4 Gateling soldiers]


While the cryptographer enters the building, two Gateling soldiers attack the group. The first shot puts Calaf to the ground [stunned].


The first enemy is put out of action by one or the first shots, but the other one resists. Finally, the joint charge of the Green Robot and one of the veterans puts an end to the fight.


As a mission result, I rolled a 4. Since the Heroes have already conquered 3 clues and this mission has been successful, they have a +4 modifier. The final result is 8: milestone!
Thanks to the success of the mission, the Earthlings could conquer the Head Quarters of Hypergate 6 defense.

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