SGAM2016 -1- Weirdgate88: contact the Gateling informants

1988: hypergates appear in different places of the Earth. The gates lead to what apparently is a different version of our planet in which elements of the present world mix with elements from the remote past and from what possibly is a remote future. From the hyperplanet, invading armies, dinosaurs and giant golems attack our world. The governments of the Earth send SWAT squads through the gates: their task is to explore the hostile planet on the other side and hopefully find a way to shut the hypergates and stop the invasion.
10 active hypergates put the hyperworld in contact with Earth, allowing a great number of hostile Gatelings to access our world. The hypergates must be closed! But the operation of the Earth squads is limited also because of the activity of the Art: an occult organization of people from the Earth that support the Gateling invaders. Similarly, the Earthlings have found some support among the Gatelings: there are creatures from the hyperworld that are willing to cooperate to the goal of closing the gates.The squad lead by Sgt. Ephraim and including the two soldiers Pierre and Calaf makes part of the force in charge of closing Hypergate 6. The headquarters of the Gateling forces that opened the gate are said to contain a “key” with which the gate can be permanently closed. The HQ must be localized and searched.

The Five Parsecs From Home mission generator suggested that the first mission will be: deliver. The squad must deliver some information to their Gateling contacts that will be on the opposite side of the table.
The squad enters from the left.
I placed 6 pink cubes that represent “shadows” and that will be resolved one per turn as opposition, terrain features or neutral encounters.


Round 1: The contacts should be in the blue car behind the white building on the right. The squad and their two support Robots move forward.


Round 2: the robots examine a red car and find it to be empty.


Round 3: the robots examine a yellow car and find some Gatelings hiding inside. The squad approaches to try and understand if these are the people they are meant to contact. Communication with the Gatelings is not easy: the three soldiers all fail their quality tests.


Round 4: Calaf finally manages to assess that these are just scared civilians: not their informants. Two more civilians exit from the background building. The soldier decide to ignore them and move towards their objective. The robots keep exploring the area.


Round 5: A red Gateling soldier exits from the small yellow building and attacks the Green Robot! His shot is excellent and stuns the Bot. On the right side of the board, Pierre and Ephraim reach the blue car.

Round 6: Pierre successfully communicate with the informants in the blue car: mission accomplished!


But the Red soldier charges the Green robot and puts it Out of Action. He resists the charges of Calaf and of the Black robot.


Since this was a victory for the Heroes, I rolled with a +1 for the Mission result (mystery, clue or milestone). I got a clue:
The Gateling informants produced a possible location for the Gate 6 Head Quarters.


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