SGAM2016 – Weirdgate88 Quest

I used the simple conflict generator in RND issue 3 to sketch a campaign for my SGAM skirmish games.

I first drew a couple of tarot cards to represent the goal and the enemy, and I got a 10 of pentacles and the Major Arcane XIV: Art.



10 active hypergates put the hyperworld in contact with Earth, allowing a great number of hostile Gatelings to access our world. The hypergates must be closed! But the operation of the Earth squads is limited also because of the activity of the Art: an occult organization of people from the Earth that support the Gateling invaders. Similarly, the Earthlings have found some support among the Gatelings: there are creatures from the hyperworld that are willing to cooperate to the goal of closing the gates.

Two more cards have detailed the first conflict I am going to play:

6 of Pentacles and Queen of Swords (here I mostly used two details in the cards: the key and the head)


The Heroes make part of the force in charge of closing Hypergate 6. The headquarters of the Gateling forces that opened the gate are said to contain a “key” with which the gate can be permanently closed. The HQ must be localized and searched.

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