Ephraim, Pierre and Calaf

These will be the protagonists of my SGAM skirmish games. I rolled minimal traits and relationships using the FiveCore system and draw a sketch of the three guys. In play, they will be represented my simple 10mm minis. The stats and abilities are from WarStuff 2.

Sergeant Ephraim (“efficient” – brother in arms with Soldier Pierre)
Q:5+, Fast, Healer, Shooter Short (pistol)

Soldier Pierre (“aggressive”)
Q:5+, Shooter Medium (assault rifle)

Soldier Calaf  (“courteous” – his relationship with Ephraim and Pierre is “professional”)
Q:5+, Shooter Medium (SMG)

Ephraim, Pierre and Calaf

My plan is to add to the squad one or two robots. The heroes will be “Earthlings” fighting the “Gaters” in the Weirdgate88 universe:

“1988: hypergates appear in different places of the Earth. The gates lead to what apparently is a different version of our planet in which elements of the present world mix with elements from the remote past and from what possibly is a remote future. From the hyperplanet, invading armies, dinosaurs and giant golems attack our world. The governments of the Earth send SWAT squads through the gates: their task is to explore the hostile planet on the other side and hopefully find a way to shut the hypergates and stop the invasion”.

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