Warstuff 2: escape from the large beasts

I played another Warstuff 2 skirmish. This was an “escort” scenario. The Good Guys must escort the white paper character (a scientist) across the gaming area.


The Good Guys (155 pts)

Black Robot (40 pts)
Q:4+ Large, Deadly, Armored

Green Robot (40 pts)
Q:4+ Large, Deadly, Shooter Long

Sergeant (30 pts)
Q:5+ Fast, Healer, Shooter Short

Soldiers (20 pts X 2)
Q:5+ Shooter Medium

Scientist (5 pts) Q:6+

The Beasts (150 pts)
Triceratops (50 pts)
Q:3+ Large, Deadly, Regenerate

Crested Dinosaur (50 pts)
Q:3+ Large, Deadly, Regenerate

Giant Bird (50 pts)
Q:3+ Large, Fly, Regenerate


Round 1: the soldiers move forward, towards the left side.


Round 2: the soldiers are charger by the Crested Dino, but they dodge the attack. The Green Bot survives the attack of the Giant Bird. The Black Bot and the Triceratops engage a fight on the left side.


Round 3: The scientist is attacked by the Giant Bird; he is so lucky that he doesn’t even take a wound! On the left, the Black Robot is saved by its Armor.


Round 4: The Green Bot stuns the Giant Bird. The Crested Dino kills the Sergeant. The soldiers and the scientist find an escape route on the right side.

Round 5: The Black Bot stuns the Triceratops. The Giant Bird stuns one of the soldiers, but the scientist is now out of reach: the Good Guys win! The Green Bot stuns the Crested Dino. Three stunned units in one round: very interesting situation!


Round 6: the Green Bot shoots and kills the stunned Crested Dino. The Triceratops recovers from being stunned, it is attacked by the black bot, survives the attack, strikes back and kills the Bot! Similarly, the stunned soldier recovers, he is attacked by the Giant Bird and manages to kill it!

In the end, both sides have lost 2 units, but the Good Guys have achieved their goal and have lost less unit points: a clear victory for them!

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