Warstuff: scouting with golems

I played a WarStuff 2.1 game, which turned out to be one of the best skirmishes I remember. This time, I tried a different scenario (from Nordic Weasel Games Five Parsecs from Home): the gray soldier must “scout” the three vehicles. They must come in contact with each vehicle.


Soldiers (150 pts)
Ordinary Soldier (20 pts x 3)
Q:5+ Shooter:Medium

Marine (30 pts x 2)
Q:5+ Shooter:Medium Fast Stealthy

Sniper (30 pts)
Q:4+ Shooter:Long
Golems (150 pts)
Rock Golem (30 pts)
Q:3+ Large, Armored, Slow

Blue Golem (25 pts)
Q:3+ Large, Fast

Winged Golem (45 pts)
Q:3+ Large, Wizard, Fly

Green Jelly Golem (50 pts)
Q:3+ Large, Tough


Round 1: the Marines run towards the two cars on the right


Round 2: A Marine reaches the green car. The fast Blue Golem charges the soldiers: he stuns one of them, but is killed by another soldier.

Round 3: the Winged Golem stuns one of the two Marines. The other Marine reaches the blue car: the soldiers have achieved two of their three objectives. The Tough Jelly Golem takes a wound.


Round 4: The Winged Golem casts a fireball spell and kills one of the Marines; he then kills the Marine he had stunned in the previous round. The Jelly Golem receives his second wound. Two of the soldiers run along the building towards the third objective (the bus).


Round 5: One of the soldiers reaches the bus: mission accomplished! He is immediately attacked by the Rock Golem, but he is only pushed back. The Jelly Golem kills the other soldier who had run towards the bus. The soldiers are now down to half their number. They pass the rout test.


Round 6: The Rock Golem kills the soldier who had reached the bus.

A tight victory for the soldiers: they have reached their objective, but they have lost units for 100 pts. The Golems have only lost their weakest unit (25 pts).

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