Dust of Papyria 3: letters from Alexandria

A solo campaign making use of Song of Shadows and Dust, a skirmish set of rules published by Ganesha Games and based on the popular Song of Blades and Heroes.

Prior Events: 150 AD, Antoninus Pius is the Roman Emperor. The city of Papyria in Northern Egypt is ruled by the Imperial Procurator Caius Lucilius Balbus. Balbus’ scribe Proklos Tamun has written a chronicle of the bloody events taking place in Papyria at that time:
(1) The decanus Falco was patrolling the city with four legionaries at night, when he took sight of several Egyptians armed in the style of gladiators. The Egyptians attacked the soldiers and killed Falco. (2) Balbus ordered to investigate what was behind these rebels and a Roman patrol lead by the decanus Sabinus captured Kudrach, one of the gladiators. The captive informed the Romans that his comrades had been instigated by one Hermorathes of Alexandria, who had proclaimed himself Pharaoh.

“Kudrach also pointed the Romans to the houses where the leaders of the rebellion lived. He said that many letters in which Hermorathes presented his plans could be found there. The decanus Sabinus lead an attack to those places, but he was caught in a narrow alley and killed with most of his soldiers.

Alley at the center: Sabinus is surrounded

Still the veteran Venturius, with the help of Garrulus, another soldier, managed to reach one of the houses indicated by Kudrach and successfully recovered a box full of documents. The two then made their way back, killing the rebels who tried to stop them”.

Bottom: Venturius (carring the blue target) and Garrulus defeat the enemy

Egyptian Gladiators: standard “Looking for Trouble” – (1 Victory Point per 25 pts of enemies defeated) 200pts = 8VPs

Roman Soldiers: “Theft” objective – (5 Victory Points for successfully recovering the target of the mission; 1 Victory Point per 50 pts of enemies defeated) 5VPs for the abduction + 4VP (enemy killed worth 210 pts) = 9VPs

Total scores: Egyptians: 1 Victory / 24 VPs, Romans: 2 Victories / 26 VPs

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