Dust of Papyria 2: capture of a rebel

Second session of my solo campaign making use of Song of Shadows and Dust, a skirmish set of rules published by Ganesha Games and based on the popular Song of Blades and Heroes.
Prior Events: 150 AD, Antoninus Pius is the Roman Emperor. The city of Papyria in Northern Egypt is ruled by the Imperial Procurator Caius Lucilius Balbus. Balbus’ scribe Proklos Tamun has written a chronicle of the bloody events taking place in Papyria at that time:

The decanus Falco was patrolling the city with four legionaries at night, when he took sight of several armed Egyptians. Falco approached the Egyptians ordering them to drop their weapons, but he was immediately attacked, without a reply. The decanus was killed in the fight. The legionaries reported that the Egyptians were armed like gladiators and fought in the style that can be seen in the arena.


“After the death of Falco, Balbus decided that it was necessary to investigate on the aggressors. He issued the order to capture one of them at the first occasion. A few days later, a patrol led by the decanus Sabinus was attacked by the Egyptians gladiators in front of the temple of Hercules. Sabinus confronted the leader of the attackers at the center of the square, fighting side by side with Sextus, one of his veteran soldiers. Some of the civilians that were in the square took the defense of the rebels, while others defended the legionaries. Sabinus was badly wounded in the fight, but Sextus captured one of the gladiators. The captive was delivered to the Roman authorities, so that he could be interrogated. In this way, it was discovered that, in Alexandria, an individual named Hermorathes had proclaimed himself Pharaoh and was planning an armed insurrection in all Egypt. According to the captive, in Papyria hundreds of men were ready to fight and die for this impostor”.


Egyptian Gladiators: standard “Looking for Trouble” – (1 Victory Point per 25 pts of enemies defeated) 142pts = 5VPs

Roman Soldiers: “Abduction” objective – (5 Victory Points for successfully abduction of an enemy; 1 Victory Point per 50 pts of enemies defeated) 5VPs for the abduction + 1VP (enemy killed worth 46 pts)

Total scores: Egyptians: 16 VPs, Romans: 17 VPs

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