One Page Kill Team: Sabotage at the Sculpture Yard

I played the One Page Rule Kill Team Sabotage mission.

I used the 235pts armies I already used in the previous game:

Reds (Imperial Guards):
1 x 45 pts Sentinel Q:4+ with Multi-Laser [3 attacks] (Special: Armored)
3 x 30pts Veterans Q:4+ with Assault Rifles [1 attack] and Demo Charge [6” 9 attacks!]
4 x 20pts Storm Troopers Q:4+ with Assault Rifles [1 attack] (Deep Strike, Scout)
Blues (Space Marines):
1 x 70pts Terminator Q:3+ PowerFist, Mini-Gun (24” 3A Rending) Armored, Deep Strike, Fearless
3 x 55pts Tactical Marines Q:3+ upgraded with Machine Guns [3 attacks] (Fearless)
The goal of the mission is to destroy the enemy’s marker (it must be attacked in melee: you cannot just shoot it).

I rolled starting positions for the two sides and decided to place the marker at the top of two small buildings.
As usual, the Red Scouts have the benefit of deploying anywhere: they placed themselves aggressively close to the enemy.

  • Round 1: The Blue leader and a marine face the two scouts attaching from the right. They exchange fire but nobody is hit. All other figures move forward.
  • Round 2: The assaults in melee the two scouts. He kills one of the two, but he is stunned and then killed by the other. The marine at the center of the field is also killed by the demo charge of one of the Red veterans.


  • Round 3: The marine defending the Blue marker hits one of the Scouts, but he is only stunned. The other Blue marine faces the Red leader at the gate of the yard. They exchange fire with no effect.
  • Round 4: The Red leader is stunned, but the attacking Blue marine gets killed by the Demo Charge of the Veteran who had been hiding below the statue. The other Marine is surrounded and get stunned. A Red veteran has reached the Blue target.
    I played a fifth Round in which the last Blue soldier was killed.


Another victory for the Reds! The Scout and Demo Charge special abilities are very powerful. I will have to find a better way to play the Blue side: a very interesting tactical exercise that makes me look forward to the next game!


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