One Page Kill Team: Relic Hunt at the Pyramid

I have played the One Page Kill Team Relic Hunt mission.
I have now extended my armies from 165 to 235pts:

Reds (Imperial Guards):
1 x 45 pts Sentinel Q:4+ with Multi-Laser [3 attacks] (Special: Armored)
3 x 30pts Veterans Q:4+ with Assault Rifles [1 attack] and Demo Charge [6” 9 attacks!]
4 x 20pts Storm Troopers Q:4+ with Assault Rifles [1 attack] (Deep Strike, Scout)
Blues (Space Marines):
1 x 70pts Terminator Q:3+ PowerFist, Mini-Gun (24” 3A Rending) Armored, Deep Strike, Fearless
3 x 55pts Tactical Marines Q:3+ upgraded with Machine Guns [3 attacks] (Fearless)

I re-used the map I had previously used for the Size-Ground mission.

I mis-read the mission description, so I have 6 relic markers (while the maximum should be 5). The goal is to have figures near markers at the end of the 4th Round.
I rolled for random entry points in the map. The Reds have a great benefit thanks to the Scout ability: the four Scout-Troopers are directly deployed near to relic markers.


Round 1: One of the Blue Marine reaches the marker at the entrance of the pyramid, but he is immediately shot by the Red Leader. The Blue leader also scores one kill: the scout who had taken position behind the central statue.

Round 2: The Red leader stuns the Blue Marine who was taking cover at the corner of the pyramid. The Red scout crouching at the top of the building on the left stuns the Blue Terminator. The Red Veterans are running forward in order to reach the close range where they can use their Demo Charges (9 attacks!).

Round 3: the Blue Terminator terminates the crouching Red scout who had hit him the previous Round.

Round 4: time to reach for the relic markers! The Red leader and the Blue Marine near the pyramid each reach a marker. There’s a huge fight for the marker at the center of the square. The Blue Terminator and one of his Marines reach the marker, but their efforts are made useless by the Veterans, who kill the Marine and stun the Terminator with their Demo Charges. The Veterans seize the marker. A clear Red victory.

My general impression, is that an army with 8 weak figures is much more effective than an army with 4 figures. This possibly more true in a mission like this, in which you have to occupy most of the field in order to win.

Here is an over-view map, which I plan to expand with the next games, coloring the squares in blue or red on the basis of the most recent winner.


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