One Page Kill Team: King of the Hill with polygonal tower

Today I played the One Page Kill Team “King of the Hill” mission.
The target is placing units near the central marker, keeping enemy units away.


The armies were the same I used in the previous game.

Reds (Imperial Guards) 165pts:
1 x 45 pts Sentinel Q:4+ with Multi-Laser [3 attacks] (Special: Armored)
2 x 30pts Veterans Q:4+ with Assault Rifles [1 attack] and Demo Charge [6 attacks!]
3 x 20pts Storm Troopers Q:4+ with Assault Rifles [1 attack] (Deep Strike, Scout)

Blues (Space Marines) 165pts:
3 x 55pts Tactical Marines Q:3+ upgraded with Machine Guns [3 attacks] (Fearless)

I rolled for the starting positions of the two armies. This time, I remember using the “Scout” ability for the Red Storm Trooper: they could be deployed directly near the central marker (with the extra benefit of cover).


Round 1: the Blue move forward and the Blue leader kills one of the Red scouts.

Round 2: the Red leader climbs on one of the cylindrical towers, in order to reach a position where he can cover most of the of the field with his Multi Laser. One of the Red Scout Troopers is stunned.

Round 3: I guess this is where the game was decided: the two Red Veterans get close enough to use their Demo charges (9 attacks each). The Blue leader receives a total of 9 hits, but he stops all of them! Finally the Blue leader is stunned by the Red leader’s Multi Laser.
The other two Blue soldier kill one of the Veterans (he is stunned by a shot and then killed in melee).

Round 4: the Blues are lucky again. They move forward reaching the required 3” distance from the central marker. Each of them stun and pushes away an enemy unit. At the end of the fourth and final round, there are 3 Blue unit and no Red unit near the central marker!

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