Isometric One Page Kill Team: Size Ground

I have played a new One Page Kill Team scenario. I got a couple of hints from the Anon author, so I updated my teams (actually only the Red one) in this way:


Reds (Imperial Guards) 165pts:
1 x 45 pts Sentinel Q:4+ with Multi-Laser [3 attacks] (Special: Armored)
2 x 30pts Veterans Q:4+ with Assault Rifles [1 attack] and Demo Charge [6 attacks!]
3 x 20pts Storm Troopers Q:4+ with Assault Rifles [1 attack] (Deep Strike, Scout)
Blues (Space Marines) 165pts:
3 x 55pts Tactical Marines Q:3+ upgraded with Machine Guns [3 attacks] (Fearless)

I rolled the Seize Ground Mission (to win, an army must occupy more quarters of the field than the other), with the Blues entering from the left and the Reds from the Right.

Round 1: the two teams have no Line of Sight. All figures run in different directions trying to occupy as much terrain as possible (here I forgot to apply the “Scout” special ability, which would have granted a great advantage to the Reds).

Round 2: the Blues start shooting, but they only manage to stun two of the Reds.

Round 3: the Red leader kills a Blue Marine with his Multi-Laser. The Blue leader kills a Red Storm Trooper.

Round 4: the Blue Marine in cover behind the sculpture is stunned by a Storm Trooper. A Veteran rushes forward and finishes him in melee. It’s a clear Red victory: they control 3 of the 4 quarters of the battle-field.

Once again, I couldn’t help keep playing to see the end of it. It was very fast:

Round 5: the two surviving Red Storm Troopers take good positions at the top of the building on the right. They have line of sight to the Blue leader and one of them kills him with a lucky shot.


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