Isometric One Page Kill Team Breakthrough

I tried One Page Rules Team Kill, with the following 165pts teams (based on the Space Marines army):


6 x 20pts Scouts Q:4+ with Assault Rifles (split into two units of 3 scouts each)

1 x 45pts Terminator Q:3+ with Linked Assault Rifle


3 x 55pts Tactical Marines Q:3+ upgraded with Machine Guns

As a mission I rolled Breakthrough and I rolled that the Reds will be the defenders, deploying on the left. The attackers (Blue) must occupy the deployment area of the defenders (Red).

Round 1: one of the attackers runs climbs the stairs leading to an upper level. The other two attackers walk forward down the other stairs, shooting at the three scouts at the bottom level. The Red leader moves forward to an upper corner, from where he has line of sight on most of the field of battle. One of the scouts and one of the attackers are killed.

Round 2: the attacker on the upper level keeps running forward: the building with the pyramids covers him from the Red unit at the top of the highest tower. The other attacker walks forward on the bottom level: he manages to shoot down the red leader.


Round 3: the attacker on the upper level runs forward below the pyramids. The other attacker stuns a Red scout, but is killed by the other. The surviving attacker (Fearless) passes his morale check.

Round 4: the attacker takes cover near the stairs leading to the pyramids. The two defenders that where at the bottom run up to face him.

At the end of Round 4, the match is over and it’s a win for the Defenders. I decided to go on and see what will happen next.

I played three more rounds, with the attacker taking advantage of his good position and superior quality (and a few lucky rolls) to shoot down three of the surviving defenders. The last one was stunned and the attacker runs up the stairs to finish him in melee.

When compared with WarStuff, Team Kill requires a few more dice rolls:

  • you roll several dice for the most powerful weapons (three for each machine gun)
  • if the defenders is in cover (or higher than the attacker) you roll to see if cover stops each hit
  • on successful hits, the defender rolls a “save” die for each hit
  • a last die decides the effect of the hit (kill, pushed and stunned or just stunned)

Figures are not wounded (but for the Tough special rule which I did not use) so no book-keeping is needed.

I think this is an excellent game for isometric drawings with many levels. You also have the options of jumping on the enemy from above. Something I am looking forward to try next time!

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