The Unlucky Robot’s Treasure Hunt

Another WarStuff game with the same 160pt teams I used last time:

Blue Side:
4 soldiers, 30pts each (Q2 + Shooting Medium)
Sgt. Ninovich, 30 pts (Q3 + Shooting Medium)

Yellow Side:
2 soldiers, 30pts each (Q2 + Shooting Medium)
leader with pistol, 35pts (Q3 + Shooting Short)
Large Robot 65pts (Q4, Fast, Large, Vanguard)


This time I played the Treasure Hunt mission from the Campaign Rules: the five pink cubes are possible positions for the target of the mission. Thanks to its Vanguard ability, the Robot starts 12” in front of the others.

Round 1: all possible target positions are reached by a unit. The Robot reaches the central pink cube.


Round 2/3: the treasure position is revealed: the treasure (the green token) is found by the Yellow leader. The blue units advance and kill the Robot with a single lucky shot. The Yellow soldiers take cover behind the wrecked Robot and shoot down one of the Blue soldiers, but the Blues kill the Yellow leader with a second lucky shot: the treasure is dropped!


Round: 4/5: The two Yellow soldiers move backwards. One of them picks up the treasure, while the other fights the enemies. Both the Yellow soldiers are hit and wounded: time to retreat!


Round 6/7: The Yellow soldier who picked up the treasure is hit again, but he is lucky enough to only get another wound and leaves the field. The other Yellow soldier puts the Blue leader Ninovich out of action.

Another Yellow victory!


One thought on “The Unlucky Robot’s Treasure Hunt

  1. like the grainy effect of the images .. atmospheric .. esp with the “weirdgate88” designation

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