Weirdgate88 – A large robot

Here is the AAR of a simple WarStuff solo game, 150 pts per side:


Yellow team:

2 soldiers 30pts each (Q2 + Shooter M)

1 leader with pistol 35pt (Q3 + Shooter S)

1 large Robot 55pts (Q4 + Large + Fast)

Blue team:

5 soldiers 30 pts each (Q2 + Shooter M)


The Robot rushes forward in order to attack in Melee. All the other units run forward looking for cover: they must reach shooting range.


The Robot is shut down by the blue rifle team. The yellow soldiers take cover behind their destroyed robot. The yellow leader moves to the left, taking cover behind a brown cube.


The Blue soldiers move forward. They engage the yellow leader in melee and manage to kill him. At the center, both rifle teams shoot from behind cover: one of the yellow soldiers is wounded, two of the blue are killed.


The yellow team, now that their leader is dead, is under attack also from its left side. One of the two remaining soldiers is killed by a rifle shot, the other in close combat. A clear victory for the blue side, which has 3 surviving units out of 5.


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