Osprey’s “Black Ops” Solo – my first AAR

Here is the report of my first solo game with Osprey’s rule-set “Black Ops”. It was a Stealth Game: the Green men attack a compound defended by the Red. I used three types of men for both teams:

* Aces: armed with guns

* Kings: armed with heavy machine guns

* Jacks: assault rifles


The goal is killing the black Ace in the main building. I placed for guards for the defending side and then I rolled for the side of the attack. I place blinds (the chess white pawns) to represent the other defenders, which would only become active when the alarm is risen.

The attackers reach the wall that surrounds the compound. The random movement of the closest guard (the only one for which I rolled) takes him just on the other side of the wall. The Green Jacks climb the wall and are now very close to the guard, but (if I understood the rules correctly) they cannot attack the guard in the same activation as climbing the wall.



Climbing the wall, the Green Jacks have created a huge noise (the 4 on the blue die). The Red guard activates and runs away screaming an “Intruder alert!” (2 more noise points). The Red Ace (in the barrack at the bottom) is waken by the noise (D6 roll 3 + noise 6 =9), but he must roll another 8+ on D6+Noise before rising the Alarm. He “drifts” out of the barrack, but he cannot see the Green Jacks at his right (he only sees an arc of 45 degrees directly in front of himself). The Green Ace and Kings also climb to the other side of the wall (I think I forgot to add more noise points).


At the top right angle, there a firefight in which the Red guard who gave the alarm and one of the Green Kings are killed. In the central area, the Red Ace is killed by the Green Jacks. The alarm is risen, but it seems to late for the Reds. I now rolled for the blinds and only got a single Red King in the main building (no-one in the barrack at the bottom). The Red King is on reserve (the green pebble): he reserves his action from when someone will open the door… The Green Ace starts a firefight with the Ace Target who shoots through a window.


Jacks get killed on both sides, but two Red Guards take cover on the left and are particularly effective. The Target Ace is killed by the Green Ace, so the Green side wins. But the Green Ace is shot down by one of the guards. The Red King kills the guards that opened his door and then he moves to the other side of the building and kills the last Green Jack in Close Quarter Combat. The only remaining Green man is a King who nows climb the wall again and leaves the scene. Three Red men are still standing, but it’s a Green victory anyway.


I enjoyed the game! It is slightly too complex for my taste, but I really like the kind of scenarios you can play. In this game, I have seen a lot of cool things happening: the Greens climbing the wall and theb failing to kill the Red guard; the Red Ace shot from behind in the night; the Red King in ambush inside the building with his machine gun. There was a lot of movement and unpredictability. I am sorry the Red side lost, I think I should have played the Target Ace more cautiously, hiding somewhere inside the building.

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