Solo Lady Blackbird 9: death in the pyramid

Prior events: [0] Lady Blackbird is on the run from an arranged marriage to Count Carlowe. She hired a smuggler skyship, The Owl, to take her to the far reaches of the Remnants and secret lover, the pirate king Uriah Flint. Lady Blackbird, her bodyguard Naomi, and the crew of The Owl (the captain Cyrus Vance, the goblin pilot Snargle and the mechanic Kale) are captured by the Imperial ship Hand of Sorrow, [1] but they manage to escape. [2-4]  The Owl is out of fuel and goes adrift for a few days. It is rescued by a Free Worlds galleon, the Ripe Melon. The Compulsor Uad Balentin will refuel the Owl and will not kill the crew, if they steal from the Arrowshield monastery on planet Wooddock the sacred scaly tail relic. [5-7] The party brings the relic to Balentin: but a dust Golem comes out of the box containing the relic and attacks the compulsor. The heroes and Silas leave on the Owl and reach Nightport, a stalactite city below the surface of an artificial planet. [8] Silas can go his way. Vance meets an old friend, the goblin Ashen, hoping to get informations about how to find Uriah Flint. Ashen’s boss Jorga of Nexis (a powerful drug dealer) is kidnapped: the party and Ashen go after her in a pyramidal building. Most of the heroes are imprisoned by a trap. Snargle and Vance kill the Orcs that were keeping Jorga into custody.  

[I ran this session using FURPG dice as a qualified boolean oracle, and my basic Solo Universal Random Crawler for general inspiration.]


Floor C: Snargle and Vance free Jorga. Is she OK? FURPG:yes. The three move back to the other room to interrogate the drunk orc. Can he reply? FURPG:no and… he is now unconscious, possibly dead. “Too much mushroom juice, is Jorga’s comment”. Kale, who is still imprisoned with Ashen, Natasha and Naomi, handles his laser gun to Jorga through the grating. Vance, Snargle and Jorga move downstairs in search of a switch to deactivate the trap and free the others.

Floor B: They reach a room occupied by a large cylindrical container full of water. Snargle moves to the next room. From the container, two Squidmen emerge. Cyrus and Jorga open fire, but the Squidmen manage to wound both of them. Cyrus kills the larger Squidman and Snargle the other one. In the next room they find an elegant sky car and a switch to open a hatch in front of the car. Is the switch for the trap in this room? FURPG: no. They move downstairs again.

Floor A: A single room with a desk on which there is a folder full of letters and notes and an ancient stone statuette representing a naked woman: a rare and valuable image of the Stone Goddess! The heroes pick up these things, but once again no switch for the trap can be found. They walk up again. The other four are still behind the grating and nothing happened. Snargle, Vance and Jorga now move upstairs.


Floor D: Is the switch here? FURPG: yes but…it is not easy to operate. There is a sphere in the middle of the central wall: a control for a number of devices in the building. Snargle examines it, trying to understand how to free his friends. In the meantime, two orcs arrive from the next room and open fire. Jorga is killed. Vance and Snargle put the two orcs out of combat. Snargle manages to open the secret door from which the party entered the building. The four who remained imprisoned in the trap leave the pyramid from the secret door. Vance and Snargle take away Jorga’s body on the sky car they had found on Floor B.


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