Solo Lady Blackbird 7 – A Golem on the Ripe Melon

[A solo campaign based on the setting and characters of John Harper’s Lady Blackbird, using Jason Morningstar’s Dungeon Squad II and a mix of OSR rules, mainly White Star]


Prior events: [0] Lady Blackbird is on the run from an arranged marriage to Count Carlowe. She hired a smuggler skyship, The Owl, to take her to the far reaches of the Remnants and secret lover, the pirate king Uriah Flint. The Owl is captured by the Imperial cruiser Hand of Sorrow. Lady Blackbird, her bodyguard Naomi, and the crew of The Owl (the captain Cyrus Vance, the goblin pilot Snargle and the mechanic Kale) are detained in the brig. [1] They escape from the Hand of Sorrow on the Owl. [2] They find that the Imperial soldier Silas Canter has remained trapped in their ship. [3]  They land on the nearby Stingwitch planetoid, in search of fuel, but they find it infested by mantis-like monsters. [4] The Owl goes adrift for a few days. It is rescued by a Free Worlds galleon, the Ripe Melon, whose commander Dr. Salacia Paldo offers to cure Naomi, who has been infected by the mantoideans. The Compulsor Uad Balentin will refuel the Owl and will not kill the crew, if they steal from the Arrowshield monastery on planet Wooddock the sacred scaly tail relic. [5] The party (without Naomi) reaches  Arrowshield. A fortune teller tells Vance that he will soon be changed. The party fights the monks and finds the relic in a crypt. [6] They receive five mysterious golden apples from a monk. A dust golem defeats the party and hides himself in the box containing the relic.


Natasha, Vance, Kale and Snargle flight back from Arrowshield to the Ripe Melon galleon. They eat the golden apples they received from the Scimitar Monks and their wounds are immediately healed.


1) Compulsor Balantin receives them in his office: a few of his exacters and Dr. Salacia Paldo are present as well. He opens the box containing the Arrowshield tail relic and the Dust Golem forms from the dust collected inside the box. The Golem immediately attacks Balantin. In the following confusion, the heroes defeat a couple of exacters and moves aft through a door.


2) They are now in a large storage room. In a corner there is the dead body of a strange six-legged creature. While the others move forward, Kale cannot resist looking into a large trunk and grabs a bronze statuette representing what seems to be a winged goddess.

3) The others move through the main passage of the ship. They are confronted by two exacters who are fleeing from the Golem. The exacters are quickly put out of combat and the crew reaches a small room where they find Silas Canter, the Imperial Soldier that remained locked in the Owl when it was captured by the Hand of Sorrow. Silas asks them to take him away with them. He offers to lead them to were Naomi is kept.


4) Silas leads them through the main passage again and through a navigation room, occupied by a great spherical model of the Wild Blue.

5) They reach a green-house room, apparently where Dr. Paldo keeps the plants she collected in her journey.

6) Silas takes them to a small room, where they find Naomi who is still recovering from the infection contracted on Stingwitch. They give her her golden fruit from Arrowshield, she eats it and she is immediately healed.


7) Now the six people move towards a side hatch from which they can reach the Owl. They are confronted by Dr. Salacia Paldo who placed in front of the hatch a large carnivorous plant. Naomi attacks Paldo, but she initially misses. The others fight against the plant. Silas, Natasha / Lady Blackbird and Snargle are wounded by the plant, but Vance manages to put it out of combat. Salacia is defeated as well.


The party is back on the Owl and Snargle makes route for Nightport.

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