Solo Lady Blackbird: Map of the Hand of Sorrow

So I am back to the idea of playing Lady Blackbird. I am considering using the game set up and characters, converting them to a standard OSR system. Today, I have printed this map based on the American battleship that I used as a base for this illustration:


So the first part of the game could be a starship crawl. Thaumiel Nerub suggested me (among much other cool things) Hulks and Horrors, an OSR system with a number of very cool random generators. I am curious to see if this time I really come to make something of LBB.


The map is 4 A3 sheets of a single deck of the Texas battleship. I can use the same map for the different decks of the Hand of Sorrow: all decks have the same structure with different random contents and encounters. Well, I don’t know yet what to do with this 🙂


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