Plastic Monsters Nov2015 – Nejralant

Since all Human units survived the first encounter, I rolled for a random advancement. The result was possibly the most powerful option: +1 fire for the Armored Vehicle of the leader (Sgt. Rinaldi).
Hypergates appear in different places of the Earth. The gates lead to what apparently is an immense abandoned city inhabited giant hostile creatures. From the hypercity, dinosaurs, giant robots and mutant fighters attack our world. The governments of the Earth send SWAT squads through the gates: their task is to stop the invading monsters before they reach our planet. Sergeant Rinaldi leads the team from a Police armored car. Soldier Solnick leads the bazooka squad transported by the Jeep. Soldier Marton leads an infantry unit. Rinaldi’s team has defeated the orange monster Onguaguer in an abandoned airport. Now the orders are to move South-East and clear the area. The new encounter is with the green dragon Nejralant.


Turn 1: The Humans and Nejralant move forward.

Turn 2: Rinaldi’s Armored vehicle is at firing distance: the monster receives the first wound.
Turn 3: Rinaldi hits again. Nejralant moves back and recovers one wound.
Turn 4: Nejralant moves to attack, but its movement roll is not enough to reach Solnick’s jeep.
Turn 5: Rinaldi hits again: Nejralant has two wounds.
Turn 6-8: Rinaldi, thanks to his new +1 roll, keeps firing with success. Najralant now has 4 wounds.
Turn 9: Rinaldi inflicts the fifth wound. The monster fails its first save roll and dies.


The game is now even more unbalanced in favor of the Human side. Very likely, the next encounter will end the campaign.

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