Plastic Monsters Nov2015 – Onguguer

Zach Best published these three ingredients for this week of the #SoloGamingAppreciationMonth2015:
(1) an airliner,
(2) a bindle (hobo travel sack on a stick), and
(3) a rat.
These suggested me to run my first Plastic Monster skirmish in an abandoned airport.

I am playing with a slightly tweaked version of The Giant Spider from Outer Space by PZ8.

Hypergates appear in different places of the Earth. The gates lead to what apparently is an immense abandoned city inhabited giant hostile creatures. From the hypercity, dinosaurs, giant robots and mutant fighters attack our world. The governments of the Earth send SWAT squads through the gates: their task is to stop the invading monsters before they reach our planet. Sergeant Rinaldi leads the team from a Police armored car. Soldier Solnick leads the bazooka squad transported by the Jeep. Soldier Marton leads an infantry unit. The dragon-like monster Onguguer has been spotted in an abandoned airport in an area close to that controlled by Rinaldi’s team. The encounter with the Monster takes place in the open field that apparently once were the tracks of the small airport.


Turn 1: The Tank and the Jeep team move forward enough to reach firing range. Both hit. Onguguer has now two wounds and does not react.

Turn 2: Onguguer receives a third hit from the Jeep and moves back.


Turn 3-7: The Human forces push the Monster back. Thanks to its regenerating power, the number of Wounds taken by Onguguer does not increase.

Turn 8: Finally also Marton’s infantry team manage to be close enough to effectively fire. Onguguer is hit by all squads and now has 5 wounds. It passes it saving rolls.


Turn 9: Onguguer is hit again and moves back. It keeps passing its saving throw after each wound. The monster is now close to the border of the battlefield: if it manages to flee, this will count as a defeat for the Humans.


Turn 10: Since now all the Human units are with 6” from the Monster, its reactions are rolled without the wound penalties. Finally, the Monsters move forward, but it only rolls a 3” movement so it does not reack Marton’s team.

Turn 11: Solnick’s team inflicts to the Monster its 8th wound and finally kill it!


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