PZ8: Giant Mutants from Outer Space

I tried a very simple solo wargame by PZ8: The Giant Spider from Outer Space.
Since I don’t have Spiders, I actually played The Giant Mutants from Outer Space.
I played with two Giant Invaders, so I could spent 24 points for the Human Defenders: I got 2 tanks (6 points each) and 6 infantry units (2 points each). On the table, each infantry unit is represented by two paper minis.

The rules provide a simple random table to manage the actions of the Giants.


Turn 1: The Humans move forwards. The Mutants move back.


Turn 2: The Humans advance again. The Brown Mutant advances.

Turn 3: The Humans advance again. Now an infantry unit is at shooting range. The Mutants move back.


Turn 4: The tank that has moved to the left wounds the Blue Mutant. The Brown Mutant moves in contact with the other tank, which passes its save roll (an infantry unit would have been automatically destroyed).

Turn 5: now many unit surround the Brown Mutant, who gets a wound as well.


Turn 6: The Brown Mutant gets two more wounds by the tank and an infantry unit. It now has 3 wounds and it is surrounded by 5 human units. In these conditions the reaction table gives more aggressive results: the Mutant blasts an infantry unit with a laser beam! All human units must now take a morale check: two infantry units fail and start moving backward. The Blue Mutant moves away from the tank that is attacking him.


Turn 7: The Brown Mutant receives his fourth wound (from the tank again). The two infantry units are still scared and move backwards again. The Blue Mutant also keeps moving to the right away from the tank.

Turn 8: The Blue Mutant receive his second hit. The Brown Mutant receives his fifth hit and passes the save die that he now has to roll for each new wound (killed with 5+). One of the two scared infantry units recovers and wounds the Brown Mutant again (6 wounds): save die passed.

Turn 9: The Blue Mutant receives another wound (he now has 3). An infantry unit inflicts the seventh wound to the Brown Mutant. This time the save die is failed and the Brown Mutant is killed! The Blue Mutant does nothing.


Turn 10: The tank on the left keeps shooting at the Blue Mutant and misses. Now all move towards the Blue Mutant. Since he has three wounds and no nearby human, the table gives passive results: the Blue Mutant does nothing again.

Turn 11: The Humans move forward. The Blue Mutant moves away towards the right.


Turn 12: The tank hits again (fourth wound).


Turn 13: The tank delivers the fifth wound to the Blue Mutant. The save die is failed: game over.


I found the game very simple and enjoyable. I am considering tweaking the Attacker reaction table to make it more dynamic and aggressive. The game was rather long (a couple of hours, I think). Next time I will probably play as suggested by the rules, with a single Giant Attacker and half the Defenders I used this time.

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