Ultra simple WW2 skirmish comparison: WarStuff

Here is the report of a third go at the simple “benchmark” scenario. This time I used the excellent WarStuff rules by OnePageRules. Those rules are not only very simple and free (two things I love) but they also include custom abilities, so that you can play with any plastic toys you have handy. In a turn, the two sides alternate activating a figure each.


Turn 1: the PEF across the river is resolved as a single Defender. The attackers move forward. The attacking leaders shoots at the Defenders and wounds him. The Defender shoots back and kills the attacking leader. The other attacking figure activate: the second one wounds the Defender again and the third kills him.


Turn 2: the four remaining Attacking figures cross the stream.

Turn 3: the first Attacking figure crosses the wood and comes in sight of the Defending PEFs. They are resolved as 3 more defending units. The Attackers stop in cover on the border of the wood. Attackers and Defenders (all in cover) exchange shots. 1 Attacker and 2 Defenders are killed.


Turn 4: 3 Attackers and 1 Defender are left. The Defender kills one Attacker. The Attackers kill the last defender. The Attacker win with 2 figures still alive.


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