Ultra simple WW2 skirmish comparison: PZ8 Postcard

This is the first in what I hope will be a short series of games comparing different sets of rules on the same scenario.

The scenario is straightforward: five Attackers enter the map from the South. Their objective is to cross a stream and reach the three buildings on the opposite site of the map. The Attackers should search the three buildings: a figure must end its movement next to each building and roll 4-6 on a d6. The defenders are initially represented by 4 PEFs (Possible Enemy Forces, using Two Hours Wargames terminology). Each PEF is resolved by rolling a d6 when the Attackers get in sight: 1-2=no Defender; 3-4=1 Defender; 5-6 2 Defenders. I decided not to remove all PEFs after 3 or 4 Defenders were generated (since there are only 5 Attackers, 3 or 4 Defenders should be enough).


The guy with the gun is the leader of the Attackers: a Veteran. All the other fighters (Attackers and Defenders) are average figures armed with rifles.

The first set of rules I have used is the Pz8 Ultra Simple Postcard Sized WW2 Infantry Skirmish Wargame Rules.

With these rules, whenever a figure must do something (moving or firing) a d6 is rolled. If a 1 or 2 is rolled, the action fails and the turn passes to the other side. When firing, a 5 or 6 is a success, i.e. a kill. No special states for the figures are specified.

Turn 1: The first PEF was resolved as a single Defenders. The Attackers have the initiative, and manage to kill the Defenders at the second shot (a 6 was needed, since the Defender was in cover).

Turn 2 and 3: The Attackers cross the stream.


Turn 4: the Attackers cross the wood area across the stream and get into view of the two PEFs near the first two buildings. The PEFs are resolved as three Defenders (so I removed the last PEF, having generated a total of 4 Defenders). The first two Attackers to get in view of the Defenders are immediately killed (6 rolls again, since the Attackers are now also in cover).


Turn 5: the other Attackers move to the border of the wood. More shooting on both sides, but all miss.

Turn 6 and 7: more firing. An Attacker and a Defender killed. Now there are only two Attackers and two Defenders left.


Turn 8: one of the Attackers runs forward and fights Hand to Hand against one of the Defenders. In the PZ8 rules, HTH immediately leads to the death of one of the two contenders. In this case, the Attacker loses.


Turn 9 to 12: shooting between the only surviving attacker and the two Defenders.

Turn 13: the Attacker moves in close combat and is killed.


The game was extremely quick. A rather easy victory for the Defenders, who only lost half of their men.

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