WarStuff: Beasts vs Soldiers

Here is an AAR for a solo game of WarStuff 1.6 by OnePageAnon.

The Beasts (tot 110 points)

Giant Stone Golem: Q4, Large, Slow, Tough (55 points)

Giant Frog: Q3, Large, Fast, Shooter Medium (55 points)

The Soldiers (tot 140 points)

3 “standard” soldiers:

Q2, Shooter Medium (30 points each)


Q2, Shooter Long, Deadly (50 points)

Turn 1:

The Frog moves forward and kills one of the soldiers.

The Golem slowly runs forward.

Two of the soldiers shoot to the Frog and miss. The other Soldiers and the Sniper shoot to the Golem and miss as well.


Turn 2:

The Frog misses one of the Soldiers. The Soldier hits and kills the Frog.

The Golem keep moving forward.

The other Soldiers and the Sniper shoot to the Golem and miss.


Turn 3:

The Golem is hit and killed.

It was fun, fast and deadly. Nobody got wounded: all hits were immediate kills.


I now realize that the Stone Golem is difficult to use, since he only fights HTH, but cannot move as fast as the soldiers.

I hope to play this again, with more balanced teams (e.g. by removing one of the Soldiers, so having two 110 points teams).

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