01 – Egon and Renart: Superheroes in New Argos

Here is my first go at Superhero solo role-gaming. I am using:

For inspiration:

The main characters:


Egon Arakenzy alias “The Foreteller”

  • Precognition
  • Close combat energy blast (thanks to his walking stick)

Weakness: strong myopia

Renart Fisher alias “The Roaster”
Power: Firebreath
Weakness: hopelessly clumsy

1949, USA: Egon Arakenzy and Renart Fisher arrived in New Argos a few weeks ago. They have opened a small private eye agency, in order to make some bucks out of their superpowers.

Their first customer is an elegant young woman (actually a “violent heiress” according to Dial a Plot): Camille Dubois.
She suspects that her fiance Richard Robertson betrays her. He has been acting strangely lately and she wants Egon and Renart to find out what is happening with him (Dial a Plot Problem: “Struggle to overcome Jealousy”). Richard works as a reporter for the Argos News. Camilla provides a photograph of the young man and his address. Egon and Renart are happy to accept the job: Richard’s house is not far from their office, it will be easy to keep him under watch.


As soon as Camille leaves, Egon concentrates and has a vision about the near future. He sees that next night Richard will be attacked in front of his house by a tiger-man villain! (I picked a random encounter from “New York New York”: Organized Crime Encounter 4, Tiger by the Tail).


The two superheroes spend the next night patrolling the block where Richard lives, but nothing happens. Clearly, Egon’s precognition was not exactly perfect this time…..To be continued…


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