Solo World Builder Dice Killer

Here is a solo session with World Builder Dice Killer by Jakob Lindsay.

The idea was to create a sketchy setting for my Dungeon Squad 2 games. It was great fun!

I used as an inspiration source the Golden Tarot by Kat Black.

The two opposing factions were the White Dice against the Red/Green Dice. I initially put two features in the center of the map:

* The Red Lakes: the first faction to have two dice on the shores could freely remove an enemy D6

* The Ghost River: to cross the river, a unit must roll > 2 or it is removed from play


I rolled all the dice on an A4 sheet, and most of the dice fell on the right of the Ghost River, with two white dice and one red D6 on the left of the river.

These three on the left were the origin of the first conflict, where I used Tarot cards to identify the units:

* White D6 (2 of Cups): the Horde of the Frog People

* White D8 (King of Swords): the army of Eskandar, the Skorpion King

* Red D6: the Rose Citadel of the Golden Queen


The citadel was easily captured by the White Armies.

The second battle occurred in the South:

* Green D10: the Fleet of the Green Leaf Elves

* White D8: the Black Pillar of the Thunder Dwarves


The Dwarves were doomed according to the rules, since they could never roll a 10 and defeat the powerful Elves. But their opposition lasted many turns.

More battles in the North:

Green D8: the Amazons of the Northern Hills attack

White D6: the Rat Queen

The Amazons obtained a quick win and moved towards the Red Lakes, were the final showdown was starting.


Two Red units (D6 and D8) reached the shores of the Red Lake: a White D6 (the Horde of the Frog People) was removed from the game.

White D10: Prince Greyfish of Vesperus attacks

Red D6: the Star fortress

Greyfish conquered the Star fortress, and soon after defeated the Amazons, who were never seen in the world ever after.

In the meantime, the Scorpion King successfully crossed the Ghost River and moved towards the East.

In the end, the Elves managed to conquer the Black Pillar and and they traveled North to join the fight on the shore of the red lakes (the kingdom of the Dwarves still exists in the Eastern Mountains).

The last dice to be defined was:

Red D8: the Lovers. King Kadmus and Queen Ewena: the last descendants of the Rose Kings.


Their army was destroyed by the joint forces of Prince Greyfish and the Scorpion King.


The Western conquerors must still defeat the army of the Green Leaf Elves. Even if outnumbered, the Elves manage to defeat Greyfish and finally the Scorpion King!

The Scorpion people still rule at the West of the Ghost River, and the Rose Citadel is still under their dominion. In the East, the Green Leaf Elven Princes rule from the Star Fortress.


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