DungeonSquad2: The Secret Cavern of the Rat Things!

So here is my first try at Dungeon Squad II, by Jason Morningstar.

The main characters are:

  • Glaukus the Silent: a Halfling Hero
  • Doratia the Curious: an Elfless Rascal (Doratia’s throws daggers which count as the arrows)
  • Ursus the Irascible: a Gnome Rascal (he knows a combat spell which was not used during this adventure)

(free Paper Friends miniatures by http://www.seven-wonders.co.uk/)


I rolled the adventure name from the rules:

The Secret Cavern of the Rat Things!

I drew a simple isometric map while going, rolling for the encounters in each room. All the role-playing has taken place in the sketching of the setting, which I greatly enjoyed.

The first room was The Tomb of an Ancient Queen. Our heroes were confronted by three goblins (2 danger points each: total 6). Ursus gets wounded, but he and Doratia easily kill the three opponents.


The second room contains “An Idol of a long forgotten god”…a Rat God, I would say. A large trap occupies the center of the floor, and Doratia triggers it loosing 2 of her six hit points. From the left, two Rat Things enter the room and attack. Also this time, Doratia and Ursus do the work, while Glaukus keep timidly at a distance (2 Danger Points for the trap, 3 for each Rat: total 8 danger points for this room).


The third and last room is occupied by a Strange Fighting Machine, operated by a Giant Rat thing (4 Danger Points: the total is now 18 DP, equal to the total of the characters hit points). This time, Glaukus attacks first, but he is immediately badly wounded by the Giant Rat. Ursus hits the enemy first and Doratia finishes the enemy with a well aimed dagger.


I will likely work on some background for the characters, and try to add some story and interactions. But I greatly enjoyed this game “as is”. Drawing the map and the encounters on the fly has been fun. I am rather pleased with the simple, childish, look of the result.


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