The Bronze Plate 5/5: showdown in the Circular Temple

January 25th 1958: The cold war is raging on the Earth. On Mars, the war is not so cold. The NATO and the Soviet Union confront each other to gain control of the Red Planet. The two armies are fighting also in Martian city M17, with Sergeant Ratti leading a squad that escorts the anthropologist Petri in his search for Martian relics. Prof. Antjanov leads the opposing soviet squad.

Thanks to the Martian Bronze Plate, Antjanov can now open the doors of a circular temple in the Northern part of city M17.


Ratti and his guys are on the watch, and when the doors open they enter the building from the South, while the Soviets are entering from the North.


Inside the building a terrifying Martian robot performs the functions of a lethal automatic guardian. It moves randomly through the building, shooting at every turn whoever is in from of it.

The Russians can open the doors of the external rooms, so they move quickly through the building, looking for Martian artifacts. But the Italians are more lucky: they find a relic in the very first room and Verdi is quick to grab it.

Olenev reaches a minor plot point, but he is unable to understand how to remove it from the niche it is fixed to.

Golkin, who had reached the Eastern side of the building, is knocked out by the robot.

The Soviets open the door to the room in the Western area that contains the major plot point, but Ratti gets to it first. It is a strange cubic device!


Ratti is attacked by Antjanov and Berzenko. He is wounded, but he manages to resist.

In the meantime, Petri finds another minor plot point in a room on the opposite side.


Campano runs in support of Ratti and starts a furious fight with his well known adversary Berzenko. Verdi joins the fight too, while Olenev is still busy with the artifact he has found.


Both Berzenko and Campano go down. Antjanov is badly wounded, and the Italians leave the fight as winners. Verdi and Petri have a minor artifact each and Ratti proudly brings that strange cube to the NATO base. Hey, apparently some kind of map with craters and channels is engraved on the device!!! Without doubt, that will be the next place to explore!

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