The Bronze Plate 4/5: (Smash and Grab) a Martian iron shield

January 24th 1958: The cold war is raging on the Earth. On Mars, the war is not so cold. The NATO and the Soviet Union confront each other to gain control of the Red Planet. The two armies are fighting also in Martian city M17, with Sergeant Ratti leading a squad that escorts the anthropologist Petri in his search for Martian relics. Prof. Antjanov leads the opposing soviet squad.

Ratti is back in command of the Italian / NATO league. The four guys go searching for Martian artifact in an unexplored villa. Of course, they meet with Antjanov & C, who had exactly the same idea. In the center of the courtyard, there is a circular well at whose bottom something very interesting can be found.


The Nato squad enters from the Southern door, while the Soviets enter from the North.

Antjanov moves to the Western corner of the room to pick up a Martian artifact. Ratti goes straight to the courtyard, while Petri investigates the content of the Southern room.


Ratti reaches the border of the circular well, dodging all the shots of the Russians. Petri collects a minor plot point.


Ratti climbs down the well and is lucky enough to immediately find the major plot point: a Martian Iron shield.


Golkin fails his  first attempt at digging out a Martian artifact in the North-East corner of the courtyard. Berzenko shoots Petri down. Antjanov tries to reach the well to stop Ratti, but slips on the acid that covers the center of the courtyard.


In the last two turns, Ratti has to face the combined attacks of Antjanov, Berzenko and Olenev. He is hit twice, but he does not go down and manages to take the Martian shield home. Campano collects a minor plot point and knocks out Golkin.


A very enjoyable game, with the result uncertain until the end. One more shot, and Ratti would have dropped the Martian Shield.

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