RedPlanet58: building b7, floors 1 and 2

Ratti, Campano and Verdi are joint by an anthropologist: Petri. They must explore building b7, which is supposed to contain interesting Martian artifacts. They enter the ground floor and are immediately confronted by two Soviet soldiers. Ratti and Campano manage to put them out of combat. The room on the right contain a hostage: Quadrio, of the foreign relations office. Petri speaks to him and finds out that he is afraid but physically in good shape (minor plot point).


The squad follows the spiral stair to the second floor. They are confronted by more Soviet soldiers: their leader is a tough guy and manages to hit both Ratti and Campano before succumbing. Verdi kills one more enemy and Campano the last one. In the smaller room there is a the body of a long dead American soldier. Is fist is clutched around a small object. When Campano manages to open the hand of the dead man, he finds a small Martian device.



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