RedPlanet58: more patrolling in Martian city M17

January 16th 1958: The cold war is raging on the Earth. On Mars, the war is not so cold. The NATO and the Soviet Union confront each other to gain control of the Red Planet.

I had another run with “Patrol: Lost!”, mapping more of the Martian city. I started from the octagonal square where I finished the previous session. Also this time, the NATO patrolling platoon has been destroyed by the Soviets.


I completed the two map fragments from the two Patrol Lost sessions to produce a complete city map. The first session mapped Sector A. This new session mapped Sectors C, D and E. I arbitrarily added Sector B, freely completing the other Sectors.


Building “a6” is the Power Plant visited in the previous Pulp Alley skirmish session.

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