RedPlanet58 – The Power Plant of city M17

January 15th 1958: The cold war is raging on the Earth. On Mars, the war is not so cold. The NATO and the Soviet Union confront each other to gain control of the Red Planet.

Ratti, Campano and Verdi must go into one of the building in the Southern area of city M17. It is a Martian power plant. Possibly, some Soviet soldiers are still inside the building, they could also have some NATO prisoners with them.

The team enters the building from the square at the North-Weestern corner. The entrance is a small empty room. From there, they enter the main room. While passing the door, Campano is hit by an electric discharge. The three are confronted by a single Soviet, arriving from the back of the building. The Russian shots Verdi. Campano runs forward for a brawl. The Russian resists for a while the combined efforts of the three Italians, but finally he is defeated. In the back room, two American prisoners are found.

(This was my first game with Pulp Alley: rather satisfactory, but I don’t master the rules yet)


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