RedPlanet58 – Patrol: Lost! for mapping city M17

1958: The cold war is raging on the Earth. On Mars, the war is not so cold. The NATO and the Soviet Union confront each other to gain control of the Red Planet.

I made a small experiment, patrolling an unknown Martian city (M17) using the rules of “Patrol Lost”:

I did not use the classical hexagonal tiles, but just drew the map rolling for the kind of tiles I should have gotten. The “Good Guys” are Green (plain guy), Blue (Close Combat specialist) and Purple (Ranged Combat specialist). The Bad Guys (the Russians) are Red. The Good Guys managed to reach the final location (at the top of the map) but they were all forced to retreat and finally killed without finishing a turn in it. So the Bad Guys won.

These are various steps during the game. The patrolling platoon started at the Southern gate of the city, on January 14th 1958. The Yellow tokens are the dead Good Guys. The round square at the center of the map was marked as a Hazard (a unit has a 50% probability of being unable to leave it). A unit was eliminated there. The others were eliminated in the final location.


A rendition of the portion of the city I mapped:


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