RedPlanet58: Necropolis M16

Ratti, Campano and Verdi reach M16: a Martian necropolis. They must take pictures and measurements of the site. But they meet a squad of Russians, which are dismounting and loading on a truck some inscribed stones. The squads finds a path starting from the spot where the Russians were digging. Where does is take?


1) Ratti and Campano move forward. The Russians group near the truck (Dig In).

2) Ratti reaches the arch. Verdi fires and misses. The Russians take cover (Dig In).


3) Scurry! Ratti reaches one of the tombs. Verdi and Campano move towards the arch. One of the Russians Brawls against Ratti, but it’s a draw.

4) Scurry! Verdi and Campano reach the arch.

5) Ratti kills one of the Russians. Verdi is Knocked Down. Campano runs away.

6) Verdi recovers and kills the Russian who had fired to him. Campano leaves the field.

7) Verdi kills a third enemy. The last Soviet soldiers jumps in the truck and runs away.


The path leads to the entrance of a wide underground Martian road.

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