RedPlanet58 – Travelling towards artifact M16


During War War II, aerospace technology has had a huge development. The conflict has finished on Earth, but the USA and the USSR keep fighting in space. Initially on the Moon, now, at the end of the 1950s, spreading to Mars. NATO nations have been involved in the fight. In December 1957, a contingent of Italian troops has landed on the Red Planet on the Sinai A starship.

In Episode 1, a team lead by Officer Ratti, has been sent to explore a Martian artifact labeled M16. The team stops on its way in order to examine a large rock that seems of potential interest for the presence of Martian relics. When they dismount from their vehicle, the four Italians must face the attach of four Russian soldiers. Ratti and Campano are on the left of the large rock. Giussani and Verdi are near the vehicle.

1) The Russians open fire and put Verdi Out Of Action. Giussani fires back and kills one of the aggressors. Ratti dashes on the other side of the large rock, in order to attack the enemies from behind.


2) Scurry! Two of the Russians advance. Giussani and Campano take cover next to the vehicle. Ratti is now near enough to open fire with his gun, but he misses his target.


3) The Russians keep moving forward. They hit Giussani.

4) Ratti brawls against one of the Russians, putting him Out Of Action. One of the other two Russians panics under the fire of Campano.


5) Campano moves forward and successfully engages in hand to hand combat with the advancing enemy.

6) The last of the Russians runs away.


Verdi will soon recover from his wound, but Giussani is dead. While examining the corpes of the Russians, Ratti finds a small book written in Martian characters.

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